Mom and babies watercolorD is for daughters – I have two of them.  They grew up and moved away, but now they are coming back.  It’s a Millennial thing.

The youngest has spent that last two years in New York City. She turned an internship into a job that paid enough to make her self sustaining, but she didn’t like it.  There was the whole thing about going to work, and then staying there all day.

“Office work isn’t healthy,” she often said. “You’re inside all the time.”

I would point out to my Southern California child that when it’s 20 degrees outside, most people seek out central heating, but that logic didn’t impress her.  She went to NYC because her friends were there, and she has had a busy social time, hitting clubs and restaurants and taking late night Ubers around town. But now many of her pals are moving on, as twenty-somethings will do, and she’s bored with her job, so she’s taking her considerable savings and coming home.

Her big sister, three years older, is in a PhD program in Durham, North Carolina, but all her classes are done, and she says it doesn’t matter anymore where she lives. This is cheerful news because Durham, for all its NCAA charms, doesn’t appeal to her at all.  She likes the big city – Los Angeles, and also London, where her fiance lives.  But, it turns out that he wants to move to Los Angeles too, so it seems we sent two children off, but three are coming back.

It’s one heck of a boomerang.

I have no idea what will happen next, but then, that’s been true since they were born.

6 thoughts on “Daughters”

  1. As one of those children who had to come back home (more than once), it is such a blessing to know that your parents will be there to allow it to happen! 🙂

    1. Well, I am happy to be supportive, and I love seeing them, of course. Thanks for the comment, I hope that whatever phase you’re in you are enjoying life!

    1. Thanks, Joshua! I am looking forward to my daughters’ return, although it’s true that I am not sure what to expect. THese relationships are always evolving, aren’t they?

      I appreciate your commenting, I will stop by your blog today.

      Good luck to you, too!

  2. Thanks for visiting 🙂

    I had to smile with your daughters returning home plus one more 🙂 Nice that they feel comfortable coming back to stay with you 🙂

    Son left the first time at 19 (frightfully too young, but of course sometimes they just have to experience things on their own). Lasted 3 months before he moved back. Second time he left at 23, made it a year that time. Last time he left at 25 and I doubt he’ll return this time, having recently gotten married this past year and now is a dad himself 🙂

    good luck with it!


    1. Thanks Betty! and congratulations on your grandchild…

      Is your son your only child? I am curious about how siblings choices are the same or different at this phase of life. It’s just a sort of happy (!?) accident that both my girls are thinking about coming home at the same time.

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